Biden’s Border Policies Are Not Compassionate: Former Sen. DeMint

President Joe Biden’s policies regarding immigration and the border are not compassionate because they incentivize parents to send their children alone on long, dangerous journeys to the United States, former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said. “What his policies do is create incentives for parents to send their children on long journeys with very corrupt and abusive people,” DeMint told The Epoch Times’ “CrossRoads.” “They get to our borders, the whole idea is to get them in our country, as Biden is telling them if [immigration officials] hear they’re afraid, and what they do is [release them] into our country as asylum seekers. This was supposed to be compassionate for them. If you look at what they’re going through now, it’s certainly not compassionate,” he added. The way the system is currently running undercuts the parallel system that sees some immigrants wait years to gain citizenship or other legal status, said …

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