Blunt Urges Biden to Cut Infrastructure Package by 70 Percent for ‘Easy Win’ on GOP Backing

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) on Sunday accused Democrats of padding the infrastructure plan with unrelated pet spending projects, while urging President Joe Biden to pare it down by around two-thirds, saying it would then easily win Republican backing and give the White House the coveted badge of bipartisanship. Biden campaigned on being able to work across the aisle and broker big deals on Capitol Hill on issues that were important to the country, but on his recent $2 trillion pandemic relief bill, he won zero backing from Republicans, who railed against its “liberal wish-list” spending items and denounced the legislative process around its adoption as nakedly partisan. Now that Biden has unveiled the next big bill—another $2 trillion package, nominally about infrastructure but actually padded with climate change and social program spending, Republicans argue—the issue of bipartisanship is again coming into focus. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in an interview on …

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