Buttigieg Admits to Overstating Infrastructure Plan Job Creation Number by 16 Million: ‘I Should Have Been More Precise’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg acknowledged he had misrepresented the number of new jobs President Joe Biden’s proposed $2 trillion-plus infrastructure plan would create, essentially admitting he had overstated the figure by around 16 million. Buttigieg appeared on Fox News on Sunday, with anchor Chris Wallace asking whether he agrees that he and other Biden administration officials exaggerated the jobs impact of the American Jobs Plan. “All of you in the Biden administration have been selling this plan as a huge jobs creator,” Wallace said, before playing back an earlier interview Buttigieg gave on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on April 4, in which the Transportation Secretary said: “The American Jobs Plan is about a generational investment. It’s going to create 19 million jobs. And we’re talking about economic growth that’s going to go on for years and years.” Wallace then pointed out that the job creation estimates Buttigieg was citing come from …

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