Cuomo Should ‘Stick to His Guns’: Alan Dershowitz

Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said on Saturday that since “accusations don’t constitute guilt” in the United States, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should not prematurely resign in response to the sexual harassment allegations against him. “Accusations don’t constitute guilt,” Dershowitz told Newsmax host Carl Higbie. “I wrote a book about it called ‘Guilt by Accusation,’ so I think that Gov. Cuomo should stick to his guns. Let there be a full investigation.” “And if nothing more comes out, these sexual allegations are not enough to deprive him and deprive the millions of voters who voted for him of his governorship,” Dershowitz added. “I take the same position whether a person is a Democrat or Republican, whether I voted for him or against him. The law has to be the same. The shoe on the other foot has to fit.” Dershowitz said of the media reports, “Those are not …

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