Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Denounces MLB’s Relocation as ‘Cancel Culture’

ATLANTA—Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Saturday denounced Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, saying it’s a product of “cancel culture.” “Yesterday, Major League Baseball caved to fear and lies from liberal activists,” Kemp said during a press conference. “They ignored the facts of our new Election Integrity Law and they ignored the consequences of their decision on our local community. In the middle of a pandemic, Major League Baseball put the wishes of Stacey Abrams and Joe Biden ahead of the economic wellbeing of hard-working Georgians who were counting on the All-Star Game for a paycheck.” MLB announced the relocation of the All-Star Game and draft on Friday saying the league doesn’t agree with the new election law in Georgia which requires a photo or state-approved identification to vote absentee by mail. The league didn’t specify where it planned to relocate. Kemp warned …

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