Georgia SOS Asks Court Not to Let Petitioners Inspect, Scan Ballots

A group seeking to examine ballots cast in the 2020 election should not be granted access to the original ballots, Georgia’s secretary of state said in a new filing. Giving plaintiffs in the court case access to the original ballots would violate recent updates to the Georgia Open Records Act, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asserted in an April 2 motion in Fulton County Superior Court. The office of Raffensberger, a Republican, said he takes no position on the merits of the case but “respectfully requests that the Court permit Petitioners to inspect ballot images only, and deny Petitioners’ request to inspect and scan ballots.” “This result is consistent with Georgia law, and appropriately balances Petitioners’ interests in inspecting ballot images with the State’s and the public’s interest in maintaining the security and integrity of confidential ballots,” the filing added. The amicus brief was filed in Favorito et al. v …

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