GOP Senators Urge Biden to Take Swift Action to Address ‘Tragedy’ at Southern Border

A coalition of Republican senators who recently visited the southern border is urging President Joe Biden to take swift action and reverse his policy decisions that they say has caused the significant surge in illegal immigration in recent months. The ten senators penned a letter to the White House detailing a harrowing account of their observations during a tour of the border and immigration facilities in late March. The senators said they witnessed first-hand human traffickers in action and recounted a distressing case of child sexual assault of a girl who was trafficked into the United States. “Our delegation’s tour of the border was eye-opening. We knew it was a crisis before we arrived, because we had seen the statistics. But witnessing it was different,” the senators wrote in their letter. “From the coyotes heckling border agents on the ground, to the health and humanitarian hazards of the Anzalduas processing …

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