Idaho House Approves Bill Letting Some Staff Carry Guns at School

House lawmakers in Idaho have passed a bill that would let some school employees carry concealed firearms without the need for school board permission. In a 52-18 vote on Thursday approving the measure—called House Bill 122 (pdf)—lawmakers moved to expand the ability of school staff members to carry weapons on school grounds, which under current law requires a nod from the school board. While some Idaho school boards already allow staffers to carry, Rep. Chad Christensen, a Republican who sponsored the bill, said that it shouldn’t be up to officials to make determinations about constitutional rights. “I know in the past this has been an issue about local control,” Christensen said, according to Idaho Ed News. “I don’t like any government to restrict our constitutional protections. This is a Second Amendment issue. For me, the Second Amendment right doesn’t stop at the door of a school.” If the provisions of …

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