Indiana Absentee Ballot Application Bill Scaled Back by House Committee

An absentee ballot application bill that would have made new identification requirements necessary was greatly scaled back by a House committee on Thursday. A central part of the proposed bill, known as SB 353, would require voters to show their driver’s license number on absentee ballot applications or write out the last four numbers of their Social Security number. Committee Chairman Rep. Tim Wesco, a Republican from Osceola, said he believes the step would improve security for online ballot applications. “It would make it more difficult for someone to request an absentee ballot for another person without their consent, because they would have to have that personal information,” Wesco explained. The committee changed the requirement to a large extent. Now the bill only requires Indiana voters to include their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their SSN on an online application for absentee ballots. Democratic Rep. Tonya …

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