Mattie Parker Wins Fort Worth Mayoral Runoff for GOP

FORT WORTH, Texas—Mattie Parker declared victory on Saturday as the next mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, keeping it one of America’s biggest cities with a GOP mayor. The 37-year-old Parker was in a runoff with Deborah Peoples, a former Democratic county chairwoman who was hoping to be the city’s first black mayor. Parker has now become the youngest mayor of a major city. Peoples conceded defeat as Parker had more than 53 percent of the vote with ballots still being counted. “Today’s election was a pivotal moment. The entire country was watching,” Parker told supporters gathered at west side bar Lola’s, Dallas News reported. “Because of your support here tonight, together we will do extraordinary things for Fort Worth, Texas. Number one is bringing our city together. Hear me and hear me well: We’re going to demonstrate that a world-class city is capable of being a premier destination. We are …

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