Tax Increases in Biden’s Infrastructure Plan ‘Negate’ Good Parts: Rep. Brady

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said that while Democrats’ new infrastructure package contains funding for some core improvements, the social policies and corporate tax increases in it will undo any benefits the legislation will have for the economy. “Infrastructure investment, smart ones, can help grow the economy over time. My point is the tax increases negate all of that,” Brady said on Tuesday during an early morning interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” Brady said less than half the infrastructure package addresses core needs like roads, bridges, ports, airports, broadband, water, and sewers, which both Democrats and Republicans want to fund. “It’s when you go into all the social spending. And my point is, just as the recent COVID bill had very little to do with COVID, this infrastructure bill has way too little to do with real infrastructure. That’s where we ought to start and try to find some common ground,” said …

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