Top CEOs Met to Discuss Voting Laws Deemed Discriminatory, Limiting

More than 100 business leaders, including CEOs of some of the country’s most prominent businesses, met over the weekend to discuss how to respond to legislative proposals on voting that they believe are too restrictive. The meeting, building on the dozens of businesses that spoke out against a Georgia law that was enacted last month, was conducted virtually and saw leaders “discuss critical information regarding voting law proposals and to explore non-partisan actions business leaders could take to defend voting rights and our democracy,” according to the Coalition of Inclusive Capitalism, which arranged the call. The coalition describes itself as a global non-profit that aims to make capitalism “inclusive and its benefits more widely and equitably shared.” The attendees of the confab were not released by the coalition, which says such meetings foster “candid, off-the-record exchanges.” However, CEOs on the call “indicated readiness to act individually and collectively to shore …

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