Top Democratic Party Election Lawyer Sanctioned by Judge

One of the Democratic Party’s top lawyers, Marc Elias, has been sanctioned by a federal court for an ethics violation and for submitting a “redundant and misleading” filing. Marc Elias, an attorney for Perkins Coie LLP who was involved in election-related lawsuits during the 2020 elections, was punished and criticized by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on March 11. Several of his colleagues also were admonished. “Appellees did not notify the court that their latest motion to supplement the record filed on February 10, 2021 was nearly identical to the motion to supplement the record filed several months ago by the same attorneys, on September 29, 2020. Critically, Appellees likewise failed to notify the court that their previous and nearly identical motion was denied,” Judge Edith Clement and Judge Jennifer Elrod ruled (pdf). “This inexplicable failure to disclose the earlier denial of their motion violated their duty of …

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