University of Michigan to Keep GOP Chair, University Regent Weiser’s Name on Building

By David Jesse From Detroit Free Press DETROIT—The University of Michigan will not strip state Republican chairman Ron Weiser’s name from a major campus building, the university said Friday. Weiser is also one of the university’s largest donors and a member of the Board of Regents. “Having considered these factors and weighed the difficult questions they raise, I have determined that I will not recommend to the regents that they violate the gift agreement and change the name of Weiser Hall,” university President Mark Schlissel wrote in response to faculty seeking to have Weiser’s name stripped. “I have opted to continue to build on the shared ground with Regent Weiser in support of core mission work of the university and will continue to assert university values when there is disagreement. “I appreciate that this decision may be disappointing, but I do believe it is the right one for the university.” …

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